James Wellington Human Performance & Optimisation Coach
James Wellington Human Performance & Optimisation Coach

James Wellington Human Performance & Optimisation Coach

Since helping to start Limitless Health and Fitness James has begun to really shake up and revamp the complete approach towards Holistic Health and fitness across the current industry in which we are involved.

The philosophies and theories in which he uses to optimise the results for our clients come from an extensive background in sport and performance psychology, traditional psychology as well as Modern day Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).
James’ passion for health and fitness started 8 years ago when he decided that he wanted to completely transform the way in which the current health and fitness space is running by allowing Men & Women to truly understand and love themselves completely as opposed to popular fitness trends in which force people to create false and unrealistic approaches towards their bodies and mindsets.

His complete mindset transformation and intense positive thinking outlook towards coaching and training allows him to help clients truly tap into and reach their truest potentials.
His philosophy and promise of allowing clients to become a more confident and empowered version of themselves also helps set the cornerstone along side our business values of optimising and tapping into LIMITLESS human potential and through his vast skills and expertise he is sure to have you truly loving the person that you see staring back at you in the mirror each and every day, whilst helping you to become a far more positive role model for your friends, family and future generations

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